Shuaborg's Score Card

Below are Shuaborg's lifetime Numbergrid solving statistics, broken down by puzzle size.

Played: 146
Solved: 144
Success Rate: 98.6%
Average Time: 25.7 s.
Played: 8434
Solved: 7945
Success Rate: 94.2%
Average Time: 108.8 s.
Played: 7367
Solved: 6495
Success Rate: 88.2%
Average Time: 164.2 s.
Played: 7
Solved: 6
Success Rate: 85.7%
Average Time: 370.8 s.
Played: 11
Solved: 6
Success Rate: 54.5%
Average Time: 771.8 s.
Played: 15965
Solved: 14596
Success Rate: 91.4%
Average Time: 133 s.

Shuaborg's Trophy Room

19th place
January 2018
33868 pts.

* Monthly competitions began in July 2013.

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